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"All The Lonely Students" Inside Higher Ed • June 2023


"9 Research-Backed Ways to Connect With OthersPsychology Today  • May 2023


"6 Conversation Habits for More Meaningful ConnectionsPsychology Today  • April 2023

Podcast Interview: "Building Connection and a Conspiracy of Communication" Simply Said  • February 2023

Featured in Inc. Magazine Newsletter • February 2023

"6 Conversation Habits to BreakPsychology Today  • February 2023 [Also included in Psychology Today Magazine in print].


"Can Asking Specific Questions Deepen Any Relationship?Psychology Today  • February 2023

"I'm Your Partner, and I'm Here to Help" Psychology Today [Print Magazine • January 2023

"Are Moments of Human Connection Always Joyful?Psychology Today  • January 2023

"Dating Profile Red Flag: “Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously” Psychology Today  • January 2023

"How to Practice ForgivenessPsychology Today  • December 2022

Interview: "Warum Freundschaften so wichtig sind – auch für die Gesundheit (Why Friendships Are So Important - Also For Health)" Die Welt  • November 2022

"5 Ways Relationships Can Survive the Most Stressful Times" Psychology Today  • November 2022

"Being Vulnerable is Just One of Many Ways to Connect" Psychology Today • November 2022

"Social Connection Matters–and There are Many Ways to ConnectThe Academic Minute [syndicated public radio program - also featured on Inside Higher Ed] • September 2022

"A Common Misunderstanding that Leads Couples into Conflict" Psychology Today • September 2022

"How Disaster Can Inspire Human Connection" Psychology Today • September 2022

"The Relationship Skill Every Couple Must Keep In Mind" Psychology Today • September 2022

"Feeling connected Enhances Mental and Physical Health -Here are Four Researched-Backed Ways to Find Moments of Connection with Loved Ones and Strangers" The Conversation [also featured in Salon] • July 2022

"Perceptions of Partner Responsiveness Across the Transition to Parenthood Journal of Family Psychology • June 2022

"Experiences of Meaningful Connection in Social Interactions" PhD Dissertation • December 2021

"Experiences of Meaningful Connection in the First Weeks of the COVID-19 Pandemic" Journal of Social and Personal Relationships • September 2021


Atlas of the Human Life” Illustrated Educational Instagram Profile • 2019–2020

"Practicing Forgiveness: A Framework for a Routine Forgiveness Practice" Spirituality in Clinical Practice • December 2019

"Mindful Masculinity: Positive Psychology, McMindfulness, and Gender" Feminist Review • September 2019

"Gottman Sound Relationship House" Entry in Encyclopedia of Marriage and Family • August 2019

"The Art and Science of Human Connection" Illustrated Educational Module • March 2017

Interview: "Grad Student Smallen: Well Connected" University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Human Ecology News • August 2016

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