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The tide of love is swelled with pity
And in my day I gave you plenty
With a subtle sudden unrequited knock
On your dormitory door at four or five or six oclock
Oh Carolann, I loved you once but not again
You spoke in volumes, read the creases in my hands
I’m not sure you understand

And I forgot you in the city
But catch your breath I’ve just been busy
Seems the higher you hold me up
The lower I let you down
The more tangled up in me you get
The less I come around
Oh Carolann, The Catholic girl so sure of where she stands
You know I know you’re faithless like the rest
Oh you need not confess

That fucking coward is ordinary, we will never be ordinary
And I think that you almost get me
But no one will ever get me

Oh Carolann, lost more than my love back in Ireland
The prophetic virgin turned perverted just like us
And I had claim to claim your lust
Oh Carolann, stop fueling the fire it just needs oxygen
I’m so disappointed that you’re desperate just like me
You’re so helpless just like me
Oh Carolann, Wont you bring me back to love again
You know I listened to the words within your words
I held on tight to what I heard
Oh Carolann