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Well I've seen this whole country
All the lonely spots the highway stops
And nothing really changes
But the weather and the way people talk
Yeah I've seen America
And from the ghettos to the hills
And to the suburbs the same sorrows fall
It's all stomach-aches and coughing
Cigarettes and death and telephone calls
You forgot to lock the door, America
Yeah I've seen you undressed
Is it true what they told me, America?
'Cause you were stunning in the flesh

Well I was walking through a casino in Las Vegas
I saw a plastic Statue of Liberty
Posed like Marilyn Monroe
Completely absent of that silent iron dignity
Oh goddamn it, America
I couldn't have said it better myself
Is it true what they taught me, America?
Oh did your guns once make us proud?
Oh please don't fuck this up, America
Oh you're not thinking of your health
You're gettin greedy now, America
Are you being true to yourself
Or to anybody else?

Oooh, oooh, oooooh, oh
Oooh, oooh, ooooooooh

Well I woke up in Manhattan
I guess I got so drunk I slept in my car
And in those deep and desperate moments they say
You get the most clarity - I was a prophet
I saw from so far
Oh we're hungover, America
We need a shave, I need coffee
But I should thank you, America
'Cause I did not build this city
C'mon, give me something to die for, America
Until then, don't bother me
I wanna believe in you, America
I don't give a fuck if you believe in me
I wanna say 'I love you, America'
For all the things you've granted me
But I'm ashamed of you, America
How you convinced me we were free
And I take that personally