I'm an artist and social scientist, ever curious about understanding


I spent about a decade making music and touring. My band, Street to Nowhere released our album Charmingly Awkward on Capitol Records back in 2006 and toured the country with bands such as The Format, Matt Pond PA, Straylight Run, State Radio, The New Amsterdams, and played at festivals such as Austin City Limits, SXSW, Treasure Island Music Festival. My solo songs have shown up in TV shows such as Community and New Girl.


An ever-growing interest in what it means to be a person, how we become who we are, and how we get along together in a complex world, brought me to pursue a PhD in Human Ecology: Human Development and Family Studies, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As a social scientist, I study people and relationships, as well as create art and media to help shed light on our vast scientific knowledge of individual and relational well-being.


So, I circle around the questions of how do we become who we are, how do we live well on this planet together, and how can I help, with a mix of scientific methods and artistic practice. The results are sometimes disjointed, and sometimes fit together quite nicely. In the end, I hope that you find something here that is useful or interesting!